Paris is home to its own version of “The happiest place on Earth”

Disneyland Paris is one of 12 parks that exist throughout the world. It features many classic rides that are universal across all parks. (Kamree Laursen)

PARIS — With the sound of music and joyous screams, Disneyland Paris is filled with eager friends and families strolling the streets of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. 

Disneyland Paris began construction in 1988 and officially opened for tourists in 1992, according to the Disneyland Paris News website. It was anticipated that this park would receive a large influx of people so they built a metro station leading directly onto the park grounds. 

Around 10 million visitors from all over the world come every year to experience the magic of Disney. Here they can taste new foods and ride attractions not seen at other Disneyland parks. 

Having been replaced by the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in California, the famous Tower of Terror ride still stands as an operating ride in Paris, France. This ride is loved by many and the line is usually a very long wait time. 

Erica Garcia and her friend Martha Rodriguez traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to come to see the wonderful world of Disneyland. 

While waiting in line, Garcia mentioned her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror.  She said she she loves the feeling of her stomach dropping and losing her voice when she tries to scream. Rodriguez said she loved this ride as well. 

“I love Disneyland because it is a happy place. It’s hard to feel sad here,” Rodriguez said.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a signature symbol of Disneyland. (Kamree Laursen)

Disneyland is not only an exciting place for attractions and rides but also features foods from all parts of the world. Numerous stands are placed all over the park with cultural foods from Spain, Belgium, Italy and so on. Here, tourists from all over are able to have a slice of home within the park. 

Within the park, there are many sections that are based on Disney movies such as Toy Story Land, Avengers Campus and Adventureland to name a few. Each section contains rides related to the theme of the park. 

Alexandra Kozlowski was spending the weekend in Paris after traveling from Poland. She said coming to Disneyland Paris was on her bucket list and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to come. 

“Everything lined up perfectly to come [to Disneyland] and it’s exactly how I imagined it would be,” Kozlowski said. 

Many people have dreamed of going to Disneyland since they were young and for Garcia, Rodriguez and Kozlowski, this was a dream come true. 

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