Kamree Laursen: The floating city in Italy

Venice is known as the city in Italy with waterways for streets and boats for cars. This is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. (Kamree Laursen)

VENICE, Italy — Brightly colored buildings with matching shutter windows, bridges galore and gondolas on every corner, this city is bursting with excited tourists and locals alike. 

I’ve never been to Venice before, or Italy at all for that matter, until this study abroad. It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to do everything this beautiful country has to offer because there is so much history to see. 

We only had a couple of days in Venice but during those days I was able to walk the streets and really immerse myself in its culture and beauty.

Venice was filled with so many different sights to see and things to do. So this travel blog will tell you of the things I found worth seeing and doing if you only have a little bit of time here. 

Of course, our study abroad group had to visit Doges’ Palace and learn about the history of this architectural piece. Being able to see the prisons in real life and see the painted ceilings and walls was something that is unforgettable. 

Here I found that the best thing to do here is just to walk around. No matter where you walk, you will see some shop you want to look in or some food that looks delicious. 

Here lies the Rialto Bridge, which is one of the most known bridges in Venice. Many people come to take the perfect Instagram post here. (Kamree Laursen)

Some of my favorite shops in Venice were the glass stores with handmade items from glass animals to cups to jewelry to anything else you can name. This is because next to the island of Venice, there is a smaller island called Murano, and it’s known for its intricate glass making. 

When in Italy, it is a must to get delicious creamy gelato. Not only is it one of the best treats Italy has to offer, but it also helps combat the scorching heat. It is especially hot in the summer so don’t be afraid to get gelato twice or even three times in one day! When in Italy right?

This beautiful city is also famous for its waterways and gondola rides. Some may call it a tourist trap but it’s almost impossible to not go for a gondola ride. It’s a staple of Venice.

If you really think about it, everything is a tourist trap so just go with it! Do what seems the most fun for you and you’ll have the best time that way. You can never get bored in Venice so just explore and get lost in the city. You never know what kinds of treatures you’ll stumble upon. 

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