Cate Ferraro: How to Beat the Heat – Italy Edition

By Cate Ferraro

Italy is a wonderful summer vacation spot. There are so many sights to see and places to experience. However, the July heat can be overwhelming especially if your days are stacked with sightseeing. After spending the past week in Rome, I’ve picked up five tips and tricks that will make traveling and exploring Italy enjoyable, even in extreme weather conditions. 

Tip #1 – Make Use of Public Transportation

Italy is notable for having walkable cities. Most tourist sites are within a 20-minute walking distance if your hotel is located in an ideal spot in the city. However when temperatures are high, walking may not be the best move. Most cities in Italy have public transportation that you can make use of. Take a short ride on the metro instead of a hike in the beating sunlight. If you’re lucky, you might even get an air-conditioned train.

Tip #2 – Visit the Beach

The beaches in Italy are a great way to spend hot summer days. The coastal city of Ostia is only an hour train ride from Rome. So take a dip in the ocean or sunbathe with a good book to beat the heat. 

Tip #3 – Stay Hydrated

The simplest — yet hardest — advice to follow. Speaking from experience, it can be hard to stay hydrated when you have a packed schedule. Luckily, Rome is filled with fountains that are scattered throughout the city that provide safe drinking water. Don’t forget to pack a reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. 

Tip #4 – Take a Break at a Museum

Air conditioning is scarce in Rome. Sometimes, the best place to take a break from the humidity is a museum. Take in some beautiful art and cold air as you rest from the sunlight. 

Tip #5 – Get Sweet (cold) Treat

Gelato is a perfect way to end a long, hot day after exploring the city. Look at it as a reward for all the steps you’ve been taking! Grom is my personal favorite gelato shop – it is also a chain with locations all over Italy.

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